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Hi, I'm Rose

Last updated 4/9/22:

I'm a freelance writer, creator and journalism student navigating ADHD and staving off imposter syndrome.

I dropped out of university believing I wasn't capable of achieving my degree not knowing I was living with undiagnosed ADHD.

Since then, I've completed a Digital Media Diploma that launched my career in Account Management for creative agencies and, eventually, PR.

I've written professionally for over 6 years now and have begun pitching myself as a Freelance Journalist.

Since I can't help but still be plagued by Imposter Syndrome, I have invested time and money in studying for an NCTJ Diploma, which will truly help me improve the craft and own the title of 'Journalist'.

My dream is to become a regular Entertainment & Culture contributor for a top-tier newsroom. With that comes a cost of time, focus and money... mainly money.

I have just started writing expert-checked health features for and hope to reach more platforms in the coming months.

Any tips or ideas? Please reach out!

My email is hello @ itsrosebutcer dot com

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